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CERAMIQUE :Land of great ceramic and tiles

we have tile solution service for your need which is logistic on site, Tile's cutting service ,and Design service  

Services 1. Set up budget  (Cost estimate)

Ceramique has program for help customer to estimate tile amount in your project and calculate costing that easy to make decision to build or renovate your dream area.

Services 2. Design Tiles 


The design of the application of tile design, especially VI Soft and Gstar CAD, we have excellent project management services and customers to create a home based on your satisfaction.

Services 3. Cutting Tiles

CERAMIQUE has a standard production line of processed tiles. By bringing the tiles to adapt, size, and groove to slip and add beauty. According to the use of tiles better beautiful. According to the wishes of the homeowner and the designer, there are specific tiles for your room.

Services 4. Import &Export Tiles 


The company has a 24-hour delivery system with 10-wheel, 6-wheel and 4-wheel pickup trucks, each of which can deliver 2-3 cars a day. It All products can be delivered quickly. And always enough to meet customer needs.


24-hour delivery *

For the project The regular job is to deliver products during the night, such as shopping malls, etc. We care for you to work easily and successfully.

Services 5. Recommend Tiles installer 


The company can recommend ISO tiling and contact the company's qualified tile technicians.

You can get one stop service for the quality of the tiles.

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